Wastewater Treatment Plant UV Disinfection / Repairs and Improvements


This project is funded from Maryland Department of the Environment through Grant Funding from the Bay Restoration Fund, as well as a State Revolving Fund loan. 


Construction has begun on this project. The following will take place over the duration of 365 days:


Ultraviolet Disinfection

The plant will upgrate it's disinfection process to Ultraviolet Disinfection. Currently the plant uses Gas Chlorine to disinfect wastewater. This is considered an old technology. Although effective, Gas Chlorine presents a danger to operations staff as well as the surrounding community. Gas Chlorine is very expensive, and also requires Gas Sulfur Dioxide to dechlorinate the wastewater prior to sending it to the Choptank River. Ultraviolet Disinfection uses no chemicals, and modern units are more energy efficient. As soon as the upgrade takes place, chemical usage will drastically go down. Also, since the Town has a solar field in close proximity to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, the energy savings will add to the efficiency of this upgrade.

 Repairs and Various Improvements

The plant will undergo some repairs and improvements as follows:



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