Fire Hydrant Flushing - Week of November 21

The Public Works will be performing routine fire hydrant flushing this week throughout Town.  Please be aware of standing water on roadsides, thank you for your patience. This system-wide flushing is part of the continuing effort by the Denton Public Works Department to relieve any taste, odor, and turbidity problems that affect some water customers in our community.  Taste, odor, and turbidity problems occur in most water systems but do not present a health problem.  While flushing is in progress, many customers may experience drops in water pressure and may notice rusty water.  While flushing occurs in your area customers should avoid doing laundry and reduce their use of hot water to a minimum.  While this program may cause some inconvenience for the water customers of Denton, it should significantly improve the quality of service during the following year.  If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact Mr. Mark Chandler of the DPW at 410-479-5446.  Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Denton Utility Commission

The Town of Denton is seeking members for the Denton Utility Commission.

The Denton Utility Commission serves as an advisory board to the Town Council.  They provide an independent and representative review for the Town Council of water, sewer, and highway issues that have significant impact on rates and customer service.  The Commission makes recommendations to the Town Council with the goal of ensuring that the impact on Town citizens and customers is appropriately considered in setting rates and making related policy decisions.  The Director of Public Works serves as an ex officio member and as liaison to the Town Council.

Each member shall reside in, or own property or a business within the Town of Denton. The Commission meets monthly or as needed at the Denton Town Office. All meetings are open to the public.

Letters of interest should be submitted to the Denton Town Council, 4 N. Second Street, Denton, MD 21629 by September 15, 2022.   Call 410-479-5446 for additional information.