Old Man Winter is here!

Happy Winter!

Now that we've gotten our first snowfall out of the way, I wanted to stress the importance of preventing your water lines from freezing up. Here are some suggestions that will help prevent a catastrophe:

  1. Let your faucets drip when it's freezing outside
  2. Have a heat lamp or heat tape on your water lines under your house
  3. Have a main shutoff valve inside your home and make sure it's functional
  4. Make sure your crawlspace is sealed off and insulated

We've seen some catastrophes as a result of freezing and broken water pipes. Please be proactive! Water can and will damage your home in a short period of time!










Mark Chandler

Superintendent of Public Works


Snow Plowing

Our staff will always be at the ready in case of snow. It's important for you to know the following:

  1. We will not plow roads that have less than 2 inches accumulated. This almost always ends up in damage to paved roadways, plus the snow provides extra traction. Once the road has 2", we will begin plowing.
  2. We can not plow around vehicles. Please do the best you can to get your vehicles off the street during a snow event, especially those of you who live on a snow emergency route.
  3. We will plow Emergency routes first, then side streets, and finally alley ways in that order. Depending on the severity of the storm will be when we can get to side streets and alleyways. The first priority will be to make the emergency routes passable for fire engines, ambulances, and police department.
  4. We realize how frustrating it can be to work a long time on cleaning up your driveway only to have us drive by and pile snow back up. Rest assured we all hate the fact that it happens, however when we plow snow, it has to go somewhere, which unfortunately is off to the side of the street. Please do not blow snow into the road. We will do our absolute best to prevent this from happening, however there's not many steps we can take to prevent it.
  5. Once the snow tapers off, we will apply salt to intersections and icy surfaces.
  6. Among all else, we are asking for your patience. No matter how many machines or personnel we have, it's still a long process to get the roads open. You are our priority and our top goal is to make the roads passable for everyone as soon as possible! Please drive carefully, and if you don't need to go out during a storm, by all means stay home where it's safe and warm!