Tree Maintenance

The Maryland Roadside Tree Law was passed in 1914 to provide regulations designed to protect our roadside trees by ensuring their proper care and compatibility with an efficient and dependable public utility system.

About Public Road Trees

All trees growing on a public road right-of-way are considered part of the State Forest and are protected by the Roadside Tree Law. These trees growing along our roadways and in our communities provide aesthetic, environmental, economic, and social benefits to our community.

Before a tree is planted within the public road right-of-way or cared for in any way, a Tree Care Permit must be obtained from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service. A licensed tree care expert will perform only beneficial and necessary tree trimming, root cutting, fertilization, or other maintenance practices. It is important to plant the right tree in the right location in order to avoid future problems and conflicts with sidewalks, overhead and underground utilities, and sight distances.

The Town of Denton has personnel on staff who have completed the Tree Care Expert class and are licensed to perform tree care.

Trees are trimmed to remove dead wood, to maintain adequate clearance for vehicles and pedestrians, and to remove branches that obscure traffic signs.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Roadside Tree Law Recommended Tree List can be found at