Fire hydrant use awareness

Our system delivers high quality water to homes, industries, businesses, and hydrants while preventing contamination.

Fire hydrants are part of the Town water distribution system which is made up of pipes, storage tanks, pumping stations, valves, and meters. The water treatment process is very costly and using water from fire hydrants is not allowed.

Vandalism can cause monetary loss by wasting water when the hydrants are opened and can reduce the municipal water pressure thus impairing fire fighters’ efforts to extinguish fires.

Unauthorized use also has the potential of contaminating the water supply by allowing backflow.

Public vigilance is necessary to protect our water supply. Authorized Town employees and members of the fire department are the only persons permitted to operate the fire hydrants.

If a citizen sees anyone tampering with or connecting to a fire hydrant or climbing on a water tower, please report the incident to the Department of Public Works at 410-479-5446, the Town Office at 410-479-2050, or the Denton Police at 410-479-1414.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in helping make wise use of our valuable water resources.