Meters for outside water use

The following is an excerpt for the Town of Denton’s Water Code:

§ 124-10. Separate and independent building water service. [Amended 12-18-2000 by Ord. No. 392]

B. In any case in which the Town of Denton Planning Commission has required that a commercial building maintain vegetative plantings, upon request by the property owner, the Town may permit a separate water meter to be installed for the irrigation system designed to support such plantings. When an irrigation meter is approved, the sewer charge for the meter shall be waived.

C.The Town may permit residential property owners to install a separate water meter exclusively for outside water usage. When a separate water meter for outside water usage is approved, the sewer charge for that meter shall be waived. The outside water meter shall be subject to the following conditions. [Added 11-5-2001 by Ord. No. 402]

(1) An outside separate water meter and access fee will be assessed. This fee shall be the equivalent 1/2 of the capacity charge for water set by the Town Board.

(2) The applicant will be assessed a fee for the cost of the second meter and meter pit. The fee will be based on the actual cost from the manufacturer plus a handling fee of 10%.

(3) Billing for an outside water meter shall be based on the usage rate established by the Town Council of Denton for the water system.

(4) The property owner will also be charged an annual inspection/review fee to confirm that no additional use/or bypass of use has been made. This fee will be the same as the turn on/turn off fee for water.

(5) It shall be a municipal infraction for any property owner to misappropriate any outside water usage supplied by the Town.

NOTE: In addition to the code referenced above, the property owner is responsible for the installation and costs associated.

Fees as of July 1, 2010

C.1 ½ Capacity Charge = $2,000

C.2 Meter Charge = $350 (meter only)

C.4 Inspection Fee = $50

C.5 Municipal Infraction = $1000