Tips for saving water: Inside the home

Approximately 60% OF TOTAL HOUSEHOLD WATER SUPPLY is used inside the home in three main areas: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the laundry room.

Follow these tips to reduce water use indoors:

  • Make sure all faucets are tightly turned off and not leaking: A leaking faucet could waste up to 4,000 gallons per year.
  • Replace old faucets with new water-efficient models or install aerators to reduce flow.

In the Bathroom

  • Install low flow toilets or install a water-saving displacement device in the tank to reduce the amount of water needed to flush.
  • Test all toilets regularly for leaks: A leaking toilet could waste up to 100 gallons a day.
  • Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket.
  • Replace old showerheads: Low flow showerheads can save 3 gallons per minute.
  • Take shorter showers.
  • Turn off water when shaving or brushing teeth.
  • Reuse water when you can. A bucket in the shower can catch water for plants and clean-up jobs.

In the Kitchen

  • Run dishwasher only when full.
  • Consider water use when purchasing a new dishwasher: New water and energy efficient models use 20% less water.
  • Defrost food in refrigerator instead of using running water: A running faucet uses about a gallon of water per minute.
  • Use wash and rinse basins rather than running water when washing dishes by hand. Use minimal detergent so you do not have to rinse as much.
  • Do not prerinse dishes before loading into dishwasher.
  • Keep a container of water in the refrigerator rather than waiting for cold water from the faucet.
  • Wash foods in a basin of water rather than using running water.

In the Laundry

  • Run full loads of laundry instead of many small loads.
  • Consider energy and water efficiency when purchasing new laundry machines: Newer models use 40% less water and can save up to 6,000 gallons per year.